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Try the UK’s best touch typing
tutor and see how thousands
of children and adults have learned to type.

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JUNIOR - Age 6 to 11

SENIOR - For 12 years+ and adults


Developed by an Educational Psychologist

Designed for the UK Curriculum

Extra Educational benefits whilst teaching typing

Special Needs friendly

Teacher Admin package for schools

Englishtype Touch Typing Updates for 2013


EnglishType - The Educational Touch Typing Tutors


Touch typing is an essential life skill for everyone today. Computers are everywhere and using a keyboard without touch typing is like using a feather and pot of ink to write - painfully slow! 

For Special Needs like Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Austism/ASD and VI, teaching touch typing can be life changing.  Written work is often a difficult & disliked area, and learning to touch type can significantly improve both quantity & quality of written work.

learn to touch type"You want to put wings on the heels of your children?
Teach them to touch type.
They'll bless you for it in later life. Or they'll hunt and peck like electro-chickens for the rest of their days." 

John Sutherland, Professor, University College London


At home and in school, Englishtype is a leading brand of touch typing tutor developed especially for the UK Curriculum by an Educational Psychologist (educational designer of BBC Schools Dance Mat Typing).¬  Learning to type can take as little as one week and short lessons & arcade-style games make typing practice fun.

After teaching generations of children and adults the correct way to type, the Dance Mat Typing formula is improved upon in the latest version of the EnglishType software.

Optimised for standalone touch typing tuition, Englishtype can be used offline and completely independently of other software, making it ideal for use on laptops or PCs with limited internet access.

Englishtype has many unique features that maximise its educational benefits:

  • Boosts literacy at the same time as teaching typing, improving reading, spelling, grammar & punctuation
    • unlike other typing programs, Englishtype uses a carefully structured vocabulary
    • uses high frequency words and National Literacy Strategy word lists
    • no nonsense words and no mix of real words & non-words
  • Special Needs friendly design features make it ideal for mixed ability groups, challenging the brightest students whilst giving extra help to those with Special Needs
    • strong multi-sensory design
    • unique colour coding system of keys & fingers
    • both written & spoken instructions
    • visually simple & uncluttered presentation
    • extra lessons to help spelling
    • designed originally for Dyslexic pupils, it is used across a variety of Special Needs very successfully (click for more information)
  • NEW Speed Booster increases results by 25%
  • Englishtype is the only touch typing tutor that has a detailed Teacher Administration program in Educational versions

"It was great to learn how to touch type, it's so useful when you get older,
for school and university and at work. My dad is a barrister and he's always
working on his laptop. He can type so fast, now I can be like him"

Augusta, aged 9

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