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Englishtype Junior

Touchtyping for kids was developed by an experienced Educational Psychologist especially for UK schools. It has been used in the classroom and at home by thousands of children and with input from teachers all over the country.

Unlike other typing tutors, touch typing for Kids is designed to maximise additional educational benefits at the same time as teaching typing. We recommend Junior for up to 11 years old, or sometimes even for older children if they have Special Needs (see Special Needs section).

  • supports general literacy learning: improves reading, spelling, grammar and punctuation

  • follows Key Stages 1-3 of the National Curriculum... select from 4 levels of language difficulty.

  • uses all the words in the National Literacy Strategy

  • uses real words from Lesson 1, and does not use nonsense words or jibberish that can be very confusing, and even damaging, to literacy skills

  • uses spelling lessons containing high frequency non-phonic words, letter combinations, homophones & phonemes

Junior teaches with a variety of different activities

  • LESSONS - include Main lessons, Extra lessons and Numbers & Symbols

  • Special SPELLING lessons

  • BOOSTER - patterns, words and phrases to boost speed

  • TYPE TESTS - assess ability

  • AWARDS - rewards for achievements

  • OUTFITS - change the look of Qwerty

  • DIARY - record of the days and time spent learning

Touchtyping for Kids is excellent in the classroom and for mixed ability groups; challenging the brightest children whilst providing extra help for Special Needs children. The inclusive design means all children can use the same program and work at the same time, but at their own pace (see Special Needs section for more details). It has a Special Needs friendly design, including:

Englishtype Junior Lesson Screen Background Colour Options

  • a multi-sensory approach

  • strong colour coding

  • visually simple & uncluttered presentation style

  • both spoken & written instructions

  • choice of background screen colours

  • highly structured content

Englishtype Junior: Unique Colour Coded Keyboard

Englishtype uses a unique colour coding system to build learning quickly and efficiently. Learning key & finger relationships as rapidly as possible is the main aim of any typing tutor. Supporting this link is an integral part of Englishtype's unique design.

For schools, Englishtype Junior has a detailed Teacher Administration package including a Class Management function, certificates, printing & exporting results (see Schools/Teachers section).

Englishtype uses short, motivating lessons and arcade-style games to encourage painless practice. There are 12 lessons each with 3 compulsory sections and 2 providing the opportunity for extra practice and 6 games. Individual key accuracy is displayed after each lesson to identify any problem areas.

Course Completion and Typing Tests

At the end of the course, there is a printable Course Completion Certificate. There are also two opportunities to test learning after Lesson 6 and Lesson 12. A set of sentences is displayed, each of which uses all the letters of the alphabet. Bronze, Silver and Gold Achievement Certificates are awarded for attaining 10, 20 and 30 words per minute (at 90% accuracy or above). Achievement Certificates are highly motivating in the classroom setting.

Englishtype Junior End of Course Certificate

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