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Englishtype Junior - Games

Touch Typing Games for Kids games are a very important part of the learning and all the games which are unlocked should be played after each lesson.

  • Englishtype has six games to enable some fun practice of the letters learned at each level but without the aid of the keyboard on the screen

  • The games should be played with the hands covered

  • As more letters are learned the scoring reflects the increased level of difficulty and a high score for each level is the aim

  • The highest scores on each game are recorded on the Stats page

  • Gems collected can be used to change Qwerty's outfit

  • Special Awards are available for defined success in each game

After Lesson 1 - Letter Quest

Letter Quest only requires accuracy to achieve high scores and should be played slowly and carefully.

After Lesson 2 - Type Rope

Type Rope is also a game in which accuracy is the key to a high score.

After Lesson 3 - Lunar Rescue

Lunar Rescue has two parts. Accurate typing is required to get fuel for a space flight but there is a small bonus for typing quickly. The second part is a fun shooting game to improve the score and collect gems for outfits.

After Lesson 4 - Board of Typing

Accurate typing helps Qwerty to climb the skateboard ramp, collecting gems on the way. Some extra height is awarded for working quickly. The second part of this game is a real speed challenge to touch the letters correctly in a sequence to score even more extra points.

After Lesson 6 - Type Invaders

This is a variant of the classic arcade game where each word to be typed is represented by an invader. The space bar fires when the word is completed. Correct typing will eliminate the invader, but an error will allow it to stay in the sky and "zap" the player. If all the words in a phrase are typed with no error the whole sky is cleared by a powerful energy pulse.

After Lesson 7 - Robot Typing School

Accurate typing will earn paper balls with bonus balls for speed. The second part is a strategy shooting game throwing the paper balls to get the highest bonus points.

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