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Englishtype Junior - Lessons

Englishtype Junior Version 5 has 12 lessons. The introduction of new letters is structured and sequential. Each lesson has up to five sections (except Lesson 1). Sections a), b) and c) are compulsory for movement through the program. Sections d) and e) allow extra practice.

a) Learning the letter patterns
b) High frequency words
c) Phrases using the letters learned to that point
d) Extra practise on high frequency words
e) Practice focussing on words with the new letters

The instructions for all lessons are spoken as well as written.

Each finger has a unique colour code, which should be followed carefully to learn successfully.

During lessons all the keys which have been learned are displayed in their colour.

Options are available to change the background colour.

The keyboard can be switched off in certain lessons, but users should be aware that the facility should not be used too much, or it will lock until the end of the lesson.

If an error is made, the correct letter is heard and highlighted and must be corrected before it is possible to move on.

There is a a partial save function for any incomplete lesson, When the lesson is next selected, the user may choose to start again or continue.

The maximum percentage of errors can be set between 65 and 95%. If the error count is higher the user has to start again.

Monitoring Key Accuracy

Accuracy is vital in the early stages of learning; aiming for an overall accuracy of 90% or above is recommended as the most effective for learning. At the end of each lesson, the accuracy for each key is displayed as well as the overall accuracy for the lessons completed.

Englishtype Junior Key Accuracy Screenshot: Problem Keys        Englishtype Junior Key Accuracy Screenshot: Accuracy Bargraph

Spelling Lessons

When learning to touch type, ALWAYS COVER YOUR HANDS!!!

There are five activities giving extra practise for users who find spelling difficult.

  • Tricky - high frequency and non phonic words

  • Sounds - sets of words containing the same sound and spelling

  • Family - groups of words linked by meaning or sound

  • Same - homophones

  • Follow - phrases using words containing the letters learned which are removed from the screen while the user is typing, but can be heard again if required

Spelling using the finger movements rather than having to recall the linear sequence is a very powerful way to learn to spell.

Numbers (and more Symbols)

Five extra lessons which teach the numbers and symbols on the top row.

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