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Englishtype was designed by an Educational Psychologist especially for use in UK schools. Unlike other typing tutors, it is designed to maximise additional educational benefits at the same time as teaching typing. Englishtype is ideal for mixed ability groups in the classroom, challenging the brightest children whilst providing extra help for Special Needs children. It has been tested in classroom with thousands of children and developed & improved with input from teachers all over the world.

Teacher Administration Program

Englishtype has a detailed Teacher Administration program available on all Educational versions. In Network versions, it allows teachers to monitor & control all pupils' accounts from one computer. The Teacher Admin package can be used to monitor pupil's progress (including Lessons completed, accuracy and speed achieved), print reports, group users into classes, print certificates plus trouble shooting and other admin functions.

Teacher Admin Program: User List Screenshot         Teacher Admin Program: User Scores Menu Screenshot

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Lesson Planning

Learning is self directed and children progress at their own pace. The program contains all the instructions needed to learn to type (both visual & verbal instructions). The multi-sensory design ensures the vast majority of children can learn independently. Individual headphones are essential to learn in the classroom as the sound is an important part of the program. Englishtype is generally very popular with the children, they enjoy learning, and especially playing the games. Many teachers are amazed at the silent classroom, with all the children concentrating - the best lesson of the week!

Learning to touch type in school

Occasional supervision is recommended, for example, are the children...

  • attending to / following the instructions?

  • using the correct fingers? Have a peek under their covers occasionally

  • playing games regularly to reinforce their learning?

  • maintaining accuracy levels? (Accuracy in the early stages is the MOST important element)

  • using the Key Accuracy feature to monitor it themselves?

  • progress on lessons, game scores, speed & accuracy can all be monitored by individual or class reports

Englishtype is made up of 12 lessons, with 3 compulsory sections and 2 for extra practice for pupils who need it; The length of lessons is dependent upon which Ability level is chosen, from 15 to 25 lines, and progress is saved each time. A partial lesson save is also available in case the bell goes!

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In school, Englishtype can be part of the curriculum or an extra curricular activity:

  • part of IT lessons, a morning activity before main lessons, a supplementary activity (e.g. with a T.A.)

  • an after school or lunchtime club

  • it can be a very productive activity for any children when other groups are occupied elsewhere, e.g. booster classes, Special Needs activities

  • post SATs is a popular time to run a curriculum course

  • covering PPA time is also a common usage

  • many schools supplement learning time (and school income) by selling Home User copies to pupils (contact us for details)

Schools are working successfully with many different timetable options, from 15 minutes a week, up to Englishtype's method of an intensive week's course. Special Needs children may often need a little longer to learn and should be offered and encouraged to take extra time. Englishtype's short lessons fit easily into any timetable structure.

Teaching intensively is the most efficient and effective way to learn, and daily practice is ideal.

  • If you can fit daily practice or several times a week into your timetable, it is very helpful for the children.

  • If not, the simple rule of thumb is the more often the better.

  • If practice is only once a week, it will take relatively longer to learn the skill (it's like learning to drive, you can learn in a week, or in 5 years, it depends on how often you practise).

  • As a curriculum course, some schools disrupt the normal timetable for a week, e.g. a double lesson a day, or 2-3 single lessons a day is ideal (and provides the natural breaks of the timetable); post SATs' or Common Entrance is the most common time for this, a productive use for what can be tricky time to fill!

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Teaching Ages

We recommend teaching early if possible. An ideal age to start teaching is anytime from 7 years or older. Learning before the bad habits of "hunting & pecking" are too well established is very helpful; it is more difficult to unlearn before re-learning properly. We have schools working successfully with Year 3, who have some children typing at 30 words per minute. Older children are often more motivated to learn and can see the benefits of typing, however, they are more likely to be in the bad habits that can take a little time to overcome. For younger children, the benefits of typing may be less obvious to them - but they can find it easier to learn as they have no established habits holding them back.

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Prices of Educational Versions and Ordering

Educational versions are available for PC only. The network versions are configured to save results/progress in a shared folder (usually on a server) allowing the users to log on from any computer with the Englishtype software installed. Alternatively, Single User Licences are also available for installation on computers which are not connected to a network.

Englishtype Junior

Single User Licence


Network (5 Concurrent Users)


Network (10 Concurrent Users)


Network (20 Concurrent Users)


Network (30 Concurrent Users)


Site Licence



Englishtype Senior

Single User Licence


Network (5 Concurrent Users)


Network (10 Concurrent Users)


Network (20 Concurrent Users)


Network (30 Concurrent Users)


Site Licence



Special Offer: Get Englishtype Junior for half price when purchased with an equivalent version of Englishtype Senior

Get Englishtype Junior for half price when purchased with an equivalent version of Englishtype Senior.

e.g. Buy a 10 user network version of Englishtype Senior (for £149.00) and get the same version of Englishtype Junior for £67.50.
Total cost £216.50 - saving £67.50.

Contact us directly to purchase Educational versions:

School Resellers

Schools/Colleges which have purchased Englishtype have the opportunity to buy further copies of the software to sell on to their students... allowing them to continue practising at home. Home User versions are available for both PC and Mac. Please contact us for reseller pricing.


  1. Network versions run from a server and cannot be installed on standalone machines. If you require 10, 20 or 30 user licences but don't have a networked system, please contact us and will can supply single user licences instead.

  2. These licences do not cover commercial usage; if you wish to use Englishtype products for re-sale or commercial gain, please contact us. Click here for further details.

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