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Special Needs - Visual Impairment

Our latest version has the option of selecting a larger font from the Settings. The lessons use approximately 48 point. Some of the other activities have had to use proportional font sizing to allow for the data to fit on the line. Extra parent or teacher help. We have tried to maximise visual contrast for readability.

The RNIB says... "Whatever your sight difficulty, learning your way around the keyboard and learning to touch type are important skills to learn. At the most basic level these skills allow you to increase the speed at which you can prepare documents and input information into a PC. For many tasks, using a keyboard can often be faster than using a mouse.

For people with little or no useful vision, keyboard input is usually the only realistic way to both input data and control a PC. Although great strides have been made in voice recognition software, the most practical and accurate way for someone with sight problems to control a PC is by use of a keyboard. If a blind or partially sighted person has an additional disability which meant that input using a keyboard was impossible, then voice input would be considered but only in combination with a speech output system."

Other comments/feedback...

"As an advisory teacher for Visual Impairment in Wiltshire I have found Englishtype invaluable. Depending on their eye condition, some of our pupils are issued with a laptop and a laptop camera so that they can access information on the whiteboard and also see the expressions and body language of their teachers. In addition, many visually impaired students find it beneficial to work on a laptop as the font and size of font can be adjusted to suit the needs of the individual child. With this in mind I had been searching for a touch typing programme that was suitable for my pupils. The skill of touch typing being especially useful for someone with a visual impairment.

Englishtype proved to be the answer to my prayers. It is appropriate for different ages, linked to the National Curriculum and most important FUN. The inbuilt certificates and progress feedback are really useful for maintaining motivation. The games are fun and almost addictive, resulting in hours of stimulating practice at what would otherwise be a very boring and soul destroying task.

The ability to change the background colour is also very useful for some of my pupils as this enables them to choose the option that gives them the best contrast between letters and background.

I have used the appropriate programme with several pupils from 7 years of age to 17 years and with different eye conditions. All of my pupils have made excellent progress and value the skill they have learnt. This year I have 3 Year 6 students who will be moving to new secondary schools with typing skills in the region of 25 words per minute and an accuracy of approximately 94%. This gives them a considerable advantage on their sighted peers.

An excellent programme."

Wiltshire Visual Impairment Service

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